Raise the Taste

Thanks to its extraordinary lightness and elegance, Surgiva is a perfect match for excellent taste, wherever and in whatever form it may express itself. Whether we are talking about a fine wine, good food, a beautifully laid table or a place that provides a unique experience, Surgiva “Raises the Taste”, in every sense of the word.

Taste as goodness, beauty and style

From the uncontaminated springs of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park to places of art and culture such as Mart museum as well as on the tables of the top Michelin-starred restaurants, Surgiva water raises the taste.


Surgiva aims to enhance taste in all of its forms, from fine cuisine to style, underlining how even the water one chooses can make a difference: not only acting as a perfect foil when enjoying great wines and gourmet dishes, but also by becoming a design element on the table.

Surgiva loves Mart

Surgiva goes well with excellent taste, wherever it is to be found: in a work of art, in the design of an object, or in a location that offers a unique experience, like Mart, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto. Hence the desire to create a partnership between two entities for which taste is a common denominator, with a view to encouraging beauty and jointly promoting Trentino as a whole.


Surgiva gushes forth, after a long underground voyage, from a high-altitude spring in the midst of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, an unspoilt environment in the heart of Trentino. For this reason, Surgiva is intimately involved in various projects for protecting the inestimable natural heritage of these mountains.