Light by nature,
sophisticated by character

Bottled only in white glass, which is highly suitable to emphasize and preserve its organoleptic features, Surgiva is easily recognisable and marked by the captivating design of its bottle and label.

Over the years, Surgiva has conquered the hearts of a trusted group of competent and qualified consumers, becoming a synonym for refined and exclusive mineral water. Surgiva is available in the best restaurants, hotels, and food retail shops.

Italian style

Highly acclaimed by international chefs for its class and quality,
Surgiva has become a synonym for Italian style and is
currently available in more than 30 countries.

The water chosen by sommeliers

Surgiva is the official water of the Italian National Sommelier Association: thanks to its extremely low fixed residue, Surgiva does not alter the taste of the wines that it accompanies during tasting sessions. Furthermore, it adds the perfect final touch to the table’s taste triangle composed by food, wine, and water.

Associazione Italiana Sommeliers

The Surgiva Award was established on the basis of the long-standing partnership between Trentino’s company and the Italian National Sommelier Association. The award aims at enhancing the role played by sommeliers as genuine promoters of quality drinking experiences and it usually goes to the local delegation belonging to the Association that has distinguished itself for its innovation or particular ability in raising awareness about the culture of water and wine drinking.

Still, sparkling, lightly sparkling

Surgiva is available in three types:
the traditional still and sparkling, and a lightly sparkling
variant that features a delicate fizziness tailored
to emphasize Surgiva’s characteristics.

under sight

Surgiva only comes in particularly stylish bottles – white glass, bright and transparent – carefully designed to enhance its characteristics. The recently revamped visual identity of the company features a delicate watercolour effect on the logo, making it even more modern and classy.

Surgiva is available in 1, 0.75, 0.50, and 0.25 litre bottles for still and sparkling, and 1, 0.75, and 0.50 for the lightly sparkling.