A mountain of difference

After a long underground journey through the ice of perennial glaciers, Surgiva’s water is sourced from a high-altitude spring surrounded by a pristine environment. It comes directly from the heart of the Adamello Brenta National Park, Trentino (Italy).

The park is the custodian of Surgiva’s purity,
while the granite rocks where it flows determine its lightness.

Adamello Brenta National Park

Parco Adamello BrentaOnly Surgiva can boast the Adamello Brenta National Park label. For years, Surgiva has been committed to nature conservation, developing projects to protect the inestimable environmental value of these mountains, which represent the deepest soul of Trentino.

The Park represents the largest protected area of Trentino, comprising 48 lakes and the Adamello glacier, one of the biggest largest glaciers in Europe.

Gruppo Lunelli mineral water supports the activities of the Glaciological Commission of the Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini (Tridentini Mountaineers Society).

Acqua Surgiva’s support will be directed towards the activity of the SAT Glaciological Commission, which has set up an analysis system to monitor the state and extension of Trentino’s glaciers. The study was previewed during the press conference.

Surgiva: a source of purity

Surgiva is known for its amazing features.
Its nitrate content is extremely low, vouching for the purity
of the spring, while its neutral taste is as charming
as the natural habitat surrounding its source.
At the spring, the temperature of the water is only 7.1° C.


mg/l fixed residue






mg/l bicarbonate





The importance of reading the label

Surgiva’s fixed residue is extremely low at 0.033 g/l. Its sodium content is also minimal, with a figure of 0.0018 g/l.
Recent chemical analysis and bacteriological examination performed with the “American method” showed excellent results in terms of purity.

Surgiva is ideal for low-sodium diets and for children’s consumption.
Its extremely low nitrate content attests the extraordinary purity of the spring.

Fixed Residue

It measures mineral content. With only 33.0 mg/l, Surgiva is a very light water, highly digestible and with a neutral taste that does not alter the taste of wine or food. A low fixed residue level such as Surgiva’s promotes hydration and fluid replacement in the body, while a high fixed residue level is not recommended in case of heart or renal failure. According to their level of fixed residue, mineral waters are divided into very low mineral content water (fixed residue under 50 mg/l), low mineral content water (fixed residue between 51 and 500 mg/l), high mineral content water (fixed residue between 501 and 1500 mg/l), and water rich in mineral salts (over 1500 mg/l).


Surgiva has a low content of sodium, with only 1.8 mg/l, and therefore it is suited to low-sodium diets. Reduced doses of sodium can tackle conditions such as high pressure and water retention.


Calcium plays an important role in the development of bones and teeth in children. The sodium content in water should not exceed 100 mg/l. Surgiva has a sodium content of 8.0 mg/l and it is recommended to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and hypertension.


With its bicarbonate content of 28 mg/l, Surgiva helps digestion and is recommended during sports activities.


Surgiva’s extremely low nitrate content (5.5 mg/l) attests the amazing purity of its source.

The World Health Organisation advises pregnant women and children to drink mineral waters that contain a maximum nitrate level of 10 mg/l.


It measures the acidity level of water.
Surgiva has a PH of 7.3.